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WTC Logo Preservation Project

World Trade Center motif

World Trade Center buildings are present in thousands of classic New York skyline logos owned by local businesses in the city. They tend to belong to small businesses that are likely to disappear over the years to come. So are their logos and the Twin Towers.

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BBH and logos worth a dollar

black sheep

I know we’re in a recession and all, but something’s up when a billion dollar ad agency chooses to crowdsource its BBH Labs logo.

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An anti-spec work parable

Dizzy Izzy logo design

Many of you will be familiar with the recent Jon Engle versus Stock Art battle, but for those of you who aren’t, Steve Douglas of The Logo Factor, has published a compelling account of the issue, creating a well-written anti-spec work parable.

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Library Initiative logo

library mural

For the past nine years, as reported on UnBeige, Michael Bierut has led Pentagram’s work on the Library Initiative. Pentagram were responisble for creating signage, wayfinding, and the Library logo.

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Logos from Stylo Design

Escape Studios logo design

Stylo Design is a creative design agency based in England and France. Here are a few of their logos I particularly enjoy.

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