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Wegmans logo goes back to the future

Wegmans logo design

From the Wegmans press release:

“When we looked back at some of our earliest logos, they conveyed the warmth and personal attention to detail that we hope reflect our brand,” explained Colleen Wegman. “The family culture in our company continues to grow. It was time to go back to our roots and to a logo that is welcoming because it is more like a family signature.”

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“Boldly going to the outer limits of the new frontiers of media distribution in a web 2.0 world”

Qlicks logo sketches

Dirk Leys shares his identity sketches, and there’s a nice 3D paper homage to Milton Glaser’s I Love New York logo.

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Wolda 2008 winners showcase

Twins logo

Wolda’s 2008 winners have been announced. Entry into the awards was through paid submission, and winners were selected by a jury of 10 designers, 10 clients and 10 members of the public. Here are the five winning logo designs from each participating continent, plus a mention for my favourite.

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Shropshire Council logo

Shropshire Council logo design

Shropshire Council have chosen their new logo from a group of seven designs, all of which are shown below, along with accompanying comments from an article on the BBC website.

The shortlist had included three designs by schoolchildren in the county (numbers 1 to 3), and the chosen logo will be used from April 2009.

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Metallica and Kleenex

international paper logo design

A brief snapshot of recent logo design articles as seen on various design-related blogs.

Armin Vit offers us a brief look inside some excellent corporate identity manuals, including International Paper, Conneticut General and Caterpillar. Inside the graphic design archives at RIT.

More stories after clicking through the link below.

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