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Wonderful Union and Cog logos

Cog logo

Two logos that are new-ish to me, and I thought you might like a gander.

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Talking about logo design #8

Montreal logo

In the fall of 2006, the Montreal Metropolitan Community decided it needed “a branding that will clearly and cohesively present the metropolitan region’s features on the international scene.”

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10 timeless logo designs

CBS logo design

Regular visitors and subscribers will have probably seen the recent showcase 30+ Logo Design Love reader favourites. Some fantastic designs, no doubt.

Here I’ve shown 10 of your favourites that I consider timeless logos.

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CultureBus logo by Pentagram

CultureBus monogram logo

Pentagram partner, Kit Hinrichs, and designer, Mo Woods, have created a new brand identity for CultureBus.

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D&AD branding awards

D&AD branding awards

D & AD’s branding section of the 2008 Annual. Worth a look.

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