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11 logo designs from The Partners

The Partners agency

Launched in 1983, The Partners is a design agency based in London. With nearly 400 creative and design effectiveness awards to the name, the 40 people who work there are leaders in the field.

Here I showcase 11 logo designs created by the company.

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33 logos in 33 minutes

deodorant logo

33 logos seen in the first 33 minutes of my day. Like a glimpse in time.

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Talking about logo design

marks of excellence book

From time-to-time I’ll come across online articles and features that I think you’ll be interested in. Here is the first in a series of resources, giving a little added exposure to those who also love logo design.

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Look before you bin it

recycle logo design

When was the last time you recycled? Instantly recognisable, that little recycle logo is easy to spot. Give it a try next time you’re heading for the waste bin / garbage can / trash bucket.

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Have you seen any good church logos?

Bethlehem Baptist Church logo

Good church logos aren’t easy to spot.

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