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D&AD branding awards

D&AD branding awards

D & AD’s branding section of the 2008 Annual. Worth a look.

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30+ Logo Design Love reader favourites

Mother and Child logo design

A few weeks back I asked you what your favourite logo design was. Here follows an interesting collection, including a few of what I believe to be the world’s best logos (best is a very subjective term, which I often steer clear of). The quotes below each logo are from the reader who voted for the respective design. Enjoy.

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Talking about logo design #7

Scroll logo

Veerle shares her logo design process with her readers. I’ve been subscribed to Veerle’s blog for some time — nice to see a logo feature.

Many more logo resources after the jump.

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Periodic table of branding

periodic table of branding

Here’s a novel idea from Kolbrener, a table of brand elements based upon the scientific periodic table.

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Wegmans logo goes back to the future

Wegmans logo design

From the Wegmans press release:

“When we looked back at some of our earliest logos, they conveyed the warmth and personal attention to detail that we hope reflect our brand,” explained Colleen Wegman. “The family culture in our company continues to grow. It was time to go back to our roots and to a logo that is welcoming because it is more like a family signature.”

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