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Design contest spec work

A short explanatory video created by Steve Newberry of Topic Simple.

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UAE logo to be chosen by public vote, maybe

UAE logo option

Choose the new logo for the United Arab Emirates.

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Vintage vehicle logotypes

Belvedere logotype

Spied this collection of vintage vehicle logotypes over on the Beast Pieces blog.

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Flexible brand names

SomeOne business card

A little word play in a brand name can work very well.

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Olympic logo a day

Olympic rings logo

Sarah Hyndman putting her own spin on the Olympic brand guidelines.

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The Twitter bird does pop culture

Twitter bird cartoons

Created by Utah-based cartoonist Adam Koford.

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The cost of a Saul Bass logo

Continental Airlines livery Saul Bass

“Continental airlines paid us about a half million.”

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Computer Arts Collection: Branding

Computer Arts Collection: Branding

Volume 1 part 4 (Branding) came through the letterbox this week.

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Andrew Young & Co

Andrew Young & Co logo

A simple, appropriate, distinctive idea.

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No perching allowed

Twitter logo

You absolutely cannot give the bird a small gray ledge on which to perch.

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Zagreb Jewish Film Festival

Jewish Film Festival logo

Designed by New York-based Mirko Ilić Corp for the Zagreb Jewish Film Festival.

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Rebus logos

Firefox logo pictogram

Rebus: a representation of a word or phrase by pictures, symbols, etc.

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I Love NY logo set for makeover

I Love NY logo makeover

Milton Glaser rightly said, “I saw one that said ‘I Pizza NY’. I don’t get it.”

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Hipster Branding

Hipster Branding logo

“Holding a mirror to the artsy community.”

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Logo tangrams

Tangram logos

Well-known logos deconstructed and rearranged.

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Downtown Arlington logo

Downtown Arlington Management Corporation unveiled a new logo commissioned to help raise awareness about recent developments in the heart of the city.

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Minnesota Zoo logo sketches

Minnesota Zoo logo sketches

The Minnesota Zoo logo combines an ‘M’ with a Minnesota moose.

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Pymlico taxi

Pymlico. The free-to-use Olympic branding for unofficial 2012 sponsors.

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Takes the biscuit

London 2012 biscuits

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Behind the innocent logo

innocent smoothies

We looked at his first sketches and said ‘that’s it’.

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