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Grand Central centennial logo

Grand Central logo

Next year Grand Central will celebrate its 100th anniversary.

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20th century trademarks

20th century trademarks

Published by The Trade Mark Title Company, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 1910-1913.

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Nottingham Jazz

Nottingham Jazz logo

Here’s a clever logo for Nottingham Jazz.

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CityMaps with logos

CityMaps logos

When you’re zoomed in close enough to the street maps on CityMaps, you’re shown the logos of the main companies on each street.

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SMETS, by Coast

SMETS identity design

I like the flexibility of application (iconography, typeface) in Coast’s work for SMETS.

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5-year-old on logos, revisited

London-based Grain Creative ran with the idea for a British remake.

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White House Conference on Children

White House Conference on Children logo

Ultimately, success came with another old trick: switching to the less dominant hand, which is sure to produce a slightly imperfect and clumsy result.

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ChickenBrainKen’s hair logo


“We decided to made our logo of hair because it’s the most representative thing of the people in the studio… especially early in the morning!”

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IDA and Pentagram recreate Pangaea

IDA Congress logo

Note the speed at which India moved toward Asia around the 60 million years mark.

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It’s a window, not a flag

Windows 8 logo

Paula asked us a simple question, “Your name is Windows. Why are you a flag?”

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Peter and the Starcatcher

Peter and the Starcatcher

But they wanted more texture, something like weathered wood. So they Googled something along the lines of “old weathered wood” and they found me.

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Volvo logo background

Volvo logo

This is one of the oldest and most common ideograms in Western culture and originally stood for the planet Mars in the Roman Empire.

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On the 2012 US election campaign logos

Rick Santorum logo

“What’s right with this logo, other than his political stance?”

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“This is what you need — a magic dot.”

Minolta logo Saul Bass

“Gentlemen, we have a very small product. There is hardly enough room on it for a name, let alone a symbol!”

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Madrid 2020 logo causes controversy

Madrid 2020 logo

The lettering appears to show “20020,” an effect that has brought much derision in the Spanish press and on social networking sites.

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How LO can you GO?

Cheap logo

$42. That simple. For $42 you can get a logo designed with two rounds of amends and a number of different files formats sent to you.

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Green T

New York Times logo

Judy Kameon created the New York Times ‘T’ using 130 plants.

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DC Entertainment

DC Comics logo

Earlier this week DC Entertainment revealed a new brand identity.

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Kodak logo evolution

Kodak signage

Sad news today that 131-year-old Kodak has filed for bankruptcy.

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2012 Olympic non-events

2012 Olympic pictograms

While these events enjoy no official status, they represent some of the most popular participation sports in the UK.

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