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Pro Bono Promo

Nutella logo

“Kind of like graffiti, although I created the logos using that brand’s main product.”

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Anita Giraldo

Anita Giraldo brand identity

A New York photographer who uses multiple photos to make her images.

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Starbung versus Starbucks

Starbung logo

Starbucks has filed a lawsuit against the owner of a Bangkok coffee stall.

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The first Brand Impact Awards

Brand Impact Awards

A new international prize scheme brought to you by Computer Arts.

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A few interesting projects

13th Venice Architecture Biennale

Line and space used to lovely effect.

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Thomas Cook logo evolution

Thomas Cook pool

The Sunny Heart is now the unifying symbol for the whole Thomas Cook Group.

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FHK Henrion

KLM logo

The first comprehensive monograph of the work of FHK Henrion.

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Bing updates

Bing symbol

“…designed to fit seamlessly into the Microsoft family of products.”

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Crave Dessert Bar

Crave logo

“We mixed things up with a hand drawn brush typeface made of chocolate icing.”

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TSB by Rufus Leonard

TSB logo

The BBC asked me to comment on the new TSB logo.

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Yahoo? It’s not about the logo.

Yahoo logo sketch

Design for design’s sake?

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Brand Colorado

Colorado logo sketches

“Our new logo combines the familiar with the unexpected.”

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A Logo for London, by David Lawrence

A Logo for London

Celebrating one of the most recognisable and iconic symbols in transport history.

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Logo Creed

Logo Creed

Bill Gardner and Cathy Fishel-Lane of LogoLounge have just released a new book.

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Alzheimer’s Disease National Congress

Alzheimer's disease logo

An appropriate symbol for the 18th Alzheimer’s Disease National Congress.

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Jon Contino on designing his personal identity

Jon Contino identity

Jon Contino shares how he created his visual identity.

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30 Yahoo! logos

Yahoo! signage

A bit odd, really.

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Satirical logos by Maentis

Rolling Stones North Korea logo

Well known logos with a satirical take.

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Second edition?

Logo Design Love

Thanks to you, the Logo Design Love book has sold 32,949 copies in 10 languages.

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$15,000 to tattoo Romney’s logo on your face

Romney logo tattoo

The facial ad space was sold for $15,000 to a Republican party member.

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