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Chupa Chups logo evolution

Chupa Chups lollipops

In 1969, Dali was approached to design a new logo.

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Pipeology logo

Designed by Elmwood for Pipeology, a Doncaster-based plumber.

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Produced in Washington

Washington pot logo

Washington State creates logo for legal pot.

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Google visual assets guidelines

Google wallet logo guidelines

Another for the list, this time for Google.

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Star Wars logo evolution

Star Wars logo Suzy Rice

An in-depth examination of the evolution of the Star Wars logo.

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West Sixth Brewing Co. sued over logo

Magic Hat 9 West Sixth logos

“The lawsuit is just big business trying to bully the little guy.”

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Tin Can

TIN CAN brand identity

Each line refers to one of the four disciplines of their profession.

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A Continental update

Continental logo

The new Continental logo no longer repeats the name three times, so that’s good.

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Thoughts about similar-looking logos

Nike VCXC logo

…it’s no longer possible to have perfectly distinct logos for every business.

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Do good logos need to look good?

Well known logos

“The Coca-Cola logo is not, and never was, an outstanding design.”

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Your Logo is Not Hardcore

Your logo is not hardcore

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15 percent pay rise for company logo tattoos

Rapid Realty tattoo

…a 15 percent pay rise to tattoo your employer’s logo on your body…

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Origins of the KISS logo

KISS logo

Few insignia are as potent as that bold-lettered K-I-double-lightning-bolts.

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Look and feel

Pentagram New York

Two Pentagram partners on “look and feel.”

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National Rail symbols

London Euston Station logo

Lloyd Northover’s 1999 design work on the National Rail identity.

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We will not solve problems before we are paid

Win Without Pitching

This is the simplest of business tests.

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Wrong Note

Wrong Note poster

The idea was to visually render how a wrong note sounds when played.

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Philharmoniker Hamburg

Hamburg skyline

Another orchestral logo, for Philharmoniker Hamburg.

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Orchestre Symphonique Genevois

Orchestre Symphonique Genevois logo

I like the idea behind this design for Orchestre Symphonique Genevois.

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Firefox sketches

Firefox sketches

Martijn Rijven of Bolt Graphics shared some sketches for the Firefox OS identity.

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