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The last place you want your logo to appear

AT&T Verizon gum vote

Verizon versus AT&T.

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Behind the New York Cosmos logo

New York Cosmos logo Pele

General manager Clive Toye chose the green and yellow of the Brazilian national team as part of his strategy to lure Pelé to the United States.

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Colors by Mu Chen

Chanel logo in soil

For Colors, part of Mu Chens Forever and Ever solo show at Shanghai Gallery of Art, the artist took a variety of Chinese soils (red, black, brown, and green) and packed them into molds, shaped like global-brand logos, from a swoosh to an apple, using a centuries-old construction technique.

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Jet Cooper refinement

Jet Cooper wordmark

You never know when a recommended sign-maker will come in useful.

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Wolda for sale

Wolda annual

The people behind Wolda “the worldwide logo design annual” are looking for a buyer.

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