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Reader photos #1

Paloma Simmering

I still find it a little odd that many of you around the world are sat reading my book. It almost goes without saying that I’m hugely thankful, so it’s a pleasure to spread the link-love to your websites.

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Sell what Google can’t optimise

Google SEO

But here’s the thing, the kind of businesses you want to create identities for don’t judge you by the amount of backlink muscle you flex. They don’t find you this way either.

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Lessons for next time: Where Gap went wrong

While significant, these three failures were only the fuel, and the Internets simply brought the matches. Plenty of them.

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Your photos

Logo Design Love

I’d love to share your snapshots on the blog, so if you want your gorgeous face shown, just email me a photo showing you with the book. I’ll send some virtual gratitude your way (and for the website owners, hopefully one or two visitors).

Photo by Josiah Jost

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What Gap did

Gap logo

Gap Inc. press release, via @debbiemillman.

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