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On pre-packaged logos

shipping boxes

Attempting to pitch a hypothetical logo to an existing business that happens to have the same name is like trying to sell a tailored suit you constructed on a mannequin.

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Turner Duckworth and Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola’s design director Moira Cullen talks about the role of Turner Duckworth in bringing the famous brand identity back to basics.

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Beyond the portfolio – why being a great designer isn’t enough

brown leather

Potential clients find it really hard to differentiate between the ability and services of logo and identity designers purely on the basis of a good portfolio.

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Identity Designed goes live

Identity Designed

The aim is to grow the site into a book, a collection of interviews, resources, possibly awards, and a few other ideas. It’s clearly very early days, but if you’re a fan of Logo Design Love, I’m sure you’ll enjoy Identity Designed.

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Landfit logo

Landfit tshirt

If it’s about getting people to use unused spaces, why not grow vegetables in the unused spaces in the logo?

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