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Finding success as a self-employed designer

365 typography

Here I am going to share with you how in just six months, you can turn things around and run a profitable and growing design business.

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Ask Sagi Haviv

Sagi Haviv

Sagi Haviv, born June 1974 in Israel, is a partner and designer at Chermayeff & Geismar, the Manhattan-based studio that needs little introduction.

Sagi will kindly answer questions from Logo Design Love readers. Read on to learn more about his design accomplishments and to ask a question.

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The designer and the tech guy

broken piggy bank

In this guest article, Steve Douglas, creative director at The Logo Factory, shares an experience when he lost a client by not charging enough.

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How to lift an EPS logo from a PDF

Adobe Acrobat logo

Simply import the PDF into Illustrator, navigate to the correct page, delete all the gubbins you don’t need and you’re in business.

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On pre-packaged logos

shipping boxes

Attempting to pitch a hypothetical logo to an existing business that happens to have the same name is like trying to sell a tailored suit you constructed on a mannequin.

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