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Landfit logo

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If it’s about getting people to use unused spaces, why not grow vegetables in the unused spaces in the logo?

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Spin My Logo

As part of a promotion for Panda Motion’s sister company, Spin My Logo, Dan took two of my past projects and set to work animating the designs.

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Facing your toughest design client

nut cracker bowl

When I toiled in a cubicle for a larger corporation, my submissive behavior appeared to be expected, applauded and rewarded. When I opened my own business, the same submissive behavior had me working like a dog for wages even a dog couldn’t live on.

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The art of interviewing your client


For designers, it’s never enough to merely follow the design brief a client gives you.

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Destination branding 101

destination branding 101

Sound advice from Clinton Duncan, a contributor over on Brand New.

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