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The devastatingly branded email

branded envelope

In this technology age where spam is so prevalent, we as humans have begun to learn a few subconscious ways of visually filtering spam. In a fraction of a second, our highly critical eyes run all emails through a simple test: is it designed, or was it typed?

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“What do you get when you cross…”

ABBA abc logo

johnson banks published a series of logo mash-ups.

A few additions to the mix.

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Beyond the logo… “I love this!” moments

I hate you. I love you.

Put your energy into creating something that changes the way people feel. Something people want to buy into.

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The problem with creativity

square citrus

Have you ever watched children use their imagination? Children have the most amazing creative powers. They can utilize the most unusual things and make a kingdom out of it. So, what happened to us?

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Guest authors

hello my name is

Your post will be read by the 25,000+ subscribers via RSS and email, as well as the 10,000+ daily visitors.

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