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Brazil World Cup logo 2014

FIFA World Cup trophy

“The logo’s interlinking hands in the yellow and green of Brazil and shaped like a trophy aim to enhance Brazil’s image as a warm, hospitable nation. The design is taken from an iconic photograph of three hands triumphantly raising the World Cup.”

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Indian rupee to get new symbol

Indian Rupee symbols

The Indian rupee is all set to get its own unique symbol, joining the club of other international currencies, such as, dollar, pound sterling, euro and the yen as currencies with an identity that is recognisable worldwide.

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“Man at Kiosk”

Disregarding the “you should’ve known better” reflection applied to the website version, I do like the idea behind this logo for Kiosk.

Kiosk logo

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John Lloyd: Archive

Nicholas logo

John Lloyd, founding partner of design consultancy Lloyd Northover, has launched a web archive featuring 50 years of work as a graphic designer.

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Project Projects

Work identity design

Quick mention for New York design studio Project Projects — founded in 2004 by Prem Krishnamurthy and Adam Michaels.

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