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NeXT logo by Paul Rand

NeXT logo by Paul Rand

In 1986, Steve Jobs recruited renowned graphic designer Paul Rand to create a brand identity costing $100,000. Rand created a 100-page brochure detailing the brand, including the precise angle used for the logo (28°) and a new company name, NeXT.

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Stanmore Implants brand identity

Stanmore Implants stationery design

New from Pentagram’s Domenic Lippa, assisted by Jeremy Kunze, is this brand identity design for Stanmore Implants — a company specialising in skeletal repair systems and implants.

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Fast food logos trigger fast behaviour

McDonalds golden arches

Human behaviour researchers Chen-Bo Zhong and Sanford Devoe have found that subliminal exposure to fast food symbols, such as McDonalds’ golden arches, induces haste and impatience.

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Wine Searcher by Gareth Hardy

Wine Searcher poster design

Lines are all around us and make the world we live in. I noticed that the contour of the bottles could be adjusted to reveal a pair of glasses.

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Sports brand logo designs

Nike Just Do It

A project of mine required a comparison of the world’s most well-known sports brand logos. They’re shown together below in case the quick visual reference might be useful for you.

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