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Megan Sheerin

Megan Sheerin brand identity

I’m with Courtney. I love this identity idea for Megan Sheerin.

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Smiley badges

The smiley face was the symbol for the acid house generation.

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A new logo for eBay

Old eBay logo

“Changing the eBay logo was not a decision made lightly.”

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Lord of the Logos brand identity

Lord of the Logos brand identity

Believe in created an identity for the Belgian-born Lord of the Logos.

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Logos from the 50s and 60s

Logos from the 1950s and 1960s

More in this Flickr set.

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Pirelli logo evolution

Pirelli logo

The logos shown here represent only a small selection.

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Wyke Farms rebrands via Facebook

Wyke Farms logo

The 150-year-old cheese producer gave Facebook followers the deciding vote.

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“NYC T” drops the “AXI”

New York taxi logo

New York taxis are getting a makeover.

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Atari logo

Atari logo

Gamers of my age (not that I play much these days) will never forget the Atari logo.

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Definitely Maybe

Definitely Maybe logo sketch

“All the Oasis artwork was pasted up by hand onto boards in my bedroom.”

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Microsoft’s new logo

Microsoft logo 2012

A square box instead of the curvy template that has been in place for years.

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Sugarpova logo

Maria Sharapova’s first entrepreneurial venture, a gummy and sour candy line.

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Fiji Airways

Fiji Airways masi

The new Fiji Airways branding is set to launch next year.

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The Dandy faces closure

The Dandy 1987

Britain’s longest running children’s comic, The Dandy, is facing closure after 75 years.

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Australian court OKs cigarette logo ban

Blank cigarette packaging

All logos and brand identity elements will be stripped from boxes.

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Crests of Serie A

Serie A logos

A visual comparison by Liam Ferry of on Goals Scored.

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eBook $9.99 until Sunday

You can get the Logo Design Love eBook for $9.99 in Peachpit’s deal of the week.

9.99 price

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Atelier Works

Trees for Cities logo

The first and most basic role of a logo is identification, it acts as a flag.

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Remember your manners

Table setting

Focus on the positives of what you can bring to the table.

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Reader giveaway: 5 advance copies of Logotype

Logotype by Michael Evamy

Five advance copies, shipped worldwide, a month before publication.

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