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Accidental design, flawed to success

Quiksilver logo embroidery
Image via Xaf

“It was the best selling font for the company for three years, on all products, and was fun to watch accepted by the masses.” Dean Bradley

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Howcast identity design

Howcast logo design

Identity design is about producing more than just a logo. Stand-alone static marks are essential, don’t get me wrong, but by containing them within an identity package, top designers and agencies create a visual language that improves the consistency of the brand message.

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Experts critique business logos

Digg logo design

Armin Vit, of UnderConsideration, Richard Westendorf, executive creative director in the Cincinnati office of Landor Associates, Jocelyn Dimsey, senior brand strategist at New York-based Addison, and Chris Campbell (of Interbrand?) dissect some of the more well-known business logos.

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The work of Stefan Kanchev

Stefan Kanchev

Trade marks and symbols by Stefan Kanchev — a wonderful design collection from the late Bulgarian graphic artist. Stefan is the author of more than 1000 trade marks and symbols, and in the first world exhibition of trade marks in New York he presented 23 works out of the 250 logos by authors from all over the world.

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£600,000 offered to rebrand London

London Underground
Image via London Travelogue

The Mayor of London’s office wants to rebrand the city and is inviting agencies to tender to create the new image.

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