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Brand alphabets, Chicken Now, the Apple logo designer, and a fuss over nothing

Apple logo sketch

I’m sure many of you don’t use Twitter, and I know most of you don’t follow @LogoDesignLove, so as promised, here’s a quick recap from the past week or so of tweets.

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Hello Digital brand identity

Hello Digital visual identity

Hello Digital is Birmingham’s first digital festival. It was up to FLUID, a design agency in Birmingham, to create the identity design, and here’s a look at the design variations brought about during the process.

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St David’s identity, Cardiff

St David's Centre logo

London-based agency Johnson Banks has been working for a couple of years on a new visual identity for the St David’s centre, in the heart of the Welsh capital, Cardiff.

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Syfy House of Imagination

Syfy logo design

Much has been said about the new Syfy identity. Some bad, some worse. But regardless of all that, here’s a creative two-minute trailer for the channel that had me smiling (lookout for the Escher reference).

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An interview with Paul Rand

Paul Rand

Paul Rand talks about his iconic logos for IBM, UPS, ABC, Westinghouse and more.

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