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The 50 dollar logo experiment


Jim Walls has published an insight of his dealings with 50DollarLogo.com.

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The good from the great

wheat chaff

I was chatting with my friend Randa, a successful WordPress designer, and she posed an interesting question:

“I often look at the work of other logo designers in admiration and wonder what they have that I don’t. What is it that makes someone really good at identity design, and is it obtainable through practice or is it a “gift” that some have and others don’t? There are zillions of logo designers out there — what separates the good from the great?”

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Logo inspiration from NNSS

Va Va Voom logo design

NNSS is a design agency based in Argentina. It was created around the year 2000, when Federico Engelmann and Tomás Fliess made their first joint project.

Here’s a brief showcase of their logo design projects.

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Think London logo

Think London logo

Think London is Londons official foreign direct investment agency. Here I show a little info about the company logo, designed by Johnson Banks.

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Greenpeace Airplot logo

Airplot logo

Greenpeace have bought a piece of land in the middle of the proposed third runway site at Heathrow.

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