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Penguin logo guidelines

Penguin logo guidelines

Quite a basic template, but one that can still offer a few pointers.

Penguin Logo Guidelines

More identity design guidelines in this section of the resources page.

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4 appreciated comments

  1. Not sure what the point is here…?

  2. MC

    the point is to help out new designers understand the guidelines of a brand and what a (basic) standards manual is :)

  3. You know what, I love that little Penguin, BUT I genuinely fear that one day I will open my blog reader and see a LogoDesignLove title along the lines of ‘Penguin Rebrand Rationale’.

    I’ll click said link with great trepidation, to find to my total horror that … I don’t know … Penguin decided that the best way forward is to simplify the brand by only showing the Penguin’s eye. Yes a singular dot. How cool they will think they are when that happens.

    There will a video explaining the decision and EVERYTHING.

    *sob* *pre-emptive mourning*


  4. Haha I didn’t think I’d ever see our own logo page on here.

    Amanda, I can guarantee you that the logo isn’t going to change in your lifetime. Our logo’s remained relatively the same since 1949 (there were some striking variants between 1935 and 1949), and as of last year we actually have even tighter restrictions on the use of the logo. Put it this way, we can’t alter anything inside the oval any more.

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