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15 thoughts on “Pony Jewelry

  1. I never saw it as a horseshoe – more of the leather horse collar that helps a horse pull a wagon etc.

    The ‘O’ in this logo has more of that shape than a horseshoe.

  2. I like the type itself but agree that the horseshoe could have been turned the other way around to avoid negative connotations. I always enjoy seeing the initial sketches, thanks for sharing those.

  3. Oh dear. Communicating bad luck for the sake of an ‘idea’ is never going to add to the brand, let alone that ‘Pony’ in the UK is also well known cockney rhyming slang – short for Pony & Trap = Crap. Hopefully they don’t plan to sell over here!

  4. I understand the comments about bad luck but feel if it was the other way around, it would spell ‘Puny’ which would be even worse! You know what fashion’s like, maybe bad luck is in trend at the moment.

  5. I saw puny for a second too. Stupid brain auto-correct ;-)

    I like it though, and don’t really care about the bad luck connotations.

  6. I agree with some of the others that upside down means bad luck. I am not sure anyone but a graphic designer would see this. I don’t mind it and think it works. We shall see what the consumer and target audience thinks.

  7. I like the pony design as well. With my love for horses, I think the horseshoe gives personality that it’s supposed to represent an animal. You have a word with an icon that means the word. This is my absolute favorite! :)

  8. Just to put in a quick comment..
    The horseshoe ‘o’ graphic, could represent an upside-down horseshoe, which can sometimes represent bad luck. However, another translation of a horseshoe position in this way, is that the luck is showered over you. An upside-down horseshoe in the home, above a doorway, represents the luck falling upon residents and visitors alike, showering them with said luck.

    All the same, I love the product idea!

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