Logo Design Love Reader Appreciation Award

Logo Design Love Awards

The reader votes have been counted, and the results are in. Your favourite logos from the Logo Design Love Awards are:

Business blog category winner

BIG logo design

The BIG logo was your overwhelming favourite in the business blog category. This was mainly due to the popularity of the BIG blog, and how many of their readers visited Logo Design Love to vote, following a blog post on BIG. My personal favourite was Joe Urban.

Design and photography blog category winner

Just Creative Design logo

The Just Creative Design (JCD) logo edged out BrandBerry in the design and photography blog category. Both are good choices in my opinion, though it’s no surprise to see Jacob (of JCD) come out on top, with his popular blog’s logo design.

Entertainment blog category winner

sk*rt logo design

Your favourite from the entertainment blog logos was sk*rt. It was very close between sk*rt and MamaPop, although it seemed clear the majority of MamaPop votes were due to the popularity of the blog, and its call for votes. The Vulture logo received my ‘two thumbs up’.

Environmental blog category winner

EcoGeek logo design

The EcoGeek design was easily your most favourite of the environmental blog logos. I also chose this one, and feel the idea is stronger than any of the competition.

Health and self-development blog category winner

Emergiblog logo design

The Emergiblog logo came out on top, closely followed by Dumb Little Man. Many of the designs in the health and self-development blog category relied upon type treatment, with only a few utilising an actual mark or symbol. It wasn’t easy for me to choose a favourite, but if pushed, I’d go for Dumb Little Man, due to the memorable mark.

Marketing and PR blog category winner

Hubspot logo design

You’d think the marketing and PR blog logos would represent one of the strongest collections for the awards. This wasn’t the case, and upon an additional search I was surprised how few blogs from the industry actually use a logo. Hubspot, Holy Cow : a blog and Idea Sandbox fought a close battle for the most reader votes, and Hubspot was victorious.

Personal blog category winner

Kristin Östblad logo design

In the most hotly contested category (personal blog logos), the Kristin Östblad logo beat somestyle by just one vote. My favourite? Dooce. Simple and fun.

Political blog category winner

Democracy Now logo design

The category for political blogs was quite underwhelming, and this is reflected in the low vote count. Democracy Now! came out on top, just ahead of Hot Air.

Technology blog category winner

Boing Boing gadgets logo

The logo design for Boing Boing Gadgets proved to be your favourite amongst the technology blog logos. My vote went to the logo for Uncrate.

Miscellaneous blog category winner

Karly Barrett logo design

With her ‘Kb’ monogram, Karly Barrett won the majority of your votes in the miscellaneous blog logo category. Karly posted some of her logo design sketches, which I always enjoy seeing. I liked quite a few of the logos in this category, particularly Undies Drawer and FontStruct.

Coming up next

Almost all the judges’ votes have been submitted, and you’ll find out shortly who they favoured. I asked the judges to write a few comments about their top 3 logos from the entire 10 categories, and I’ll publish their thoughts in the next blog article.

Thanks very much to the judges (below)

Award sponsors and winner badges

Should you wish to sponsor the judges’ decisions (in the next and final award post), send me an email and I’ll happily mention you / your website alongside the winners. Perhaps you have a logo design book you can donate, or something similar?

Logo Design Love Award badgeLogo Design Love Award badgeLogo Design Love Award badge

For those who have won in the Reader Appreciation Award, I completely understand if you’d prefer not to display a badge on your blog. I’m one of many who preach about keeping your blog design as clean and uncluttered as possible, but thought I’d offer the option in case anyone is interested.

Thank you!

To each and every one of you who voted, thank you so much! Your comments kept me going when I wondered if the work was worth the effort. I’ve learnt a fair amount on the general quality of blog logos, and I hope you’ve learnt a little too.

Stay tuned for the thoughts of the distinguished judging panel.

8 responses

  1. Wow, Thanks David. Honoured to see Just Creative Design edge out the other brilliant design blogs, especially Brand Berry’s who I actually voted for. Actually I think about half of the ones I voted for actually won.

    Thanks again for holding this and congratulations to the other winners!

  2. Hello Slawomir,

    The next post, showing the thoughts of judges, will give a greater insight into the designs than the stats. Particularly because the reader results became blog popularity polls in certain cases. I feel it would be unfair on the seemingly less popular logos to show that no-one voted for them.


    Great job on the result. The BrandBerry logo is one I very much like, so to come out on top deserves credit.


    Again, well done with your logo popularity.

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