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Rebus logos

The definition of rebus is “a representation of a word or phrase by pictures, symbols, etc., that suggest that word or phrase or its syllables, e.g., two gates and a head is a rebus for Gateshead.”

Something a bit like this, by Mother‘s New York office.

New York Times Magazine logo

Shown here.

Perhaps the most well known rebus logo, for a 1981 poster by Paul Rand.

IBM logo

And a few crude alternatives.

Dropbox logo

Nike logo

Firefox logo

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10 appreciated comments

  1. Richard

    This is really cool! What does the teardrop-box stand for?

  2. Dropbox.

    Very funny designs. I’d like to see more.

  3. @Richard, I believe it stands for Dropbox.

  4. Richard


  5. Eyebeezm, Dropbox (OK I got that from above), Neyekey, Firefox.

  6. - Spoiler Alert –

    @ MiloW, I believe the first is IBM (as in the brand) and the one with the key would be Nike.

  7. Thanks : ) I have problems reading captcha not to mention such rebuses…

  8. rek

    The Liberty Clock Pages is my favourite.

  9. jessie

    @rek, are you sure that isn’t “the new york times magazine” ? I think the “the” is a clue.

  10. imajoebob

    @jessie – proving just how difficult it is to create a good rebus. NY is the Empire State, not Liberty (or statue). That’s also a second jersey logo for the Rangers, which makes a bigger mess of it. Perhaps a silhouette of the Empire State Building, or Manhattan skyline, or even a Mets logo (Yankees is too obvious) would work better.

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