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Brand alphabets, Chicken Now, the Apple logo designer, and a fuss over nothing

I’m sure many of you don’t use Twitter, and I know most of you don’t follow @LogoDesignLove, so as promised, here’s a quick recap from the past week or so of tweets.

Obama healthcare logo

Obama’s healthcare logo making news for no apparent reason (via @chadengle).

Chicken Now logo

RT @pentagramdesign New Work: Chicken Now: new identity for fast food restaurant.

Own Energy logo

Own Energy” identity design (by @MartinBoath).

Google Chrome logo recreated with LEGO (via @downwithdesign).

brand alphabet

Do you know your brand alphabet?

classic coca-cola logo

The revised Pepsi vs Coca-Cola identity timeline.

classic apple logo sketch

Interview with Rob Janoff, designer of the Apple logo (via @ucllc).

E. Tautz identity

E. Tautz identity (by @movingbrands).

Google moon logo

300+ Google logos (via @DesignerDepot).

A little off-topic, but I’ve stopped using tr.im as my URL shortener of choice, preferring bit.ly. The former was (is?) having some site overload issues, rendering every tr.im link unusable (or very slow to load). Both services offer statistics, but after a week of using bit.ly, I think I prefer theirs.

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9 appreciated comments

  1. Oh, come on. It’s so obvious even I from Sweden can see where Obamas logo comes from:

  2. Have a look at tr.im – they’re discontinuing the service, so your shortened links (like mine) will probably not redirect properly when we enter 2010.

    Best tip: Write your own shortener, then you know whose fault it is when it doesn’t work…

  3. I hear you, Stefan.

    Mark, thanks for the update. That’s a shame, but I suppose it’s a slight positive to note that those behind tr.im see bit.ly as the market leader. I would’ve thought tinyurl was up there, although it does need quite a few more characters than its competitor.

  4. zach

    Thanks for the share. I love logodesignlove but never intend to join twitter. I hope you’ll update the tweets like this from time to time.

  5. vic

    i’m with zach. i don’t use twitter.
    thanks for sharing david, please keep these up.

  6. No worries at all, Zach, Vic. Twitter isn’t for everyone.

  7. Thanks for the highlight David! I agree that it is something out of nothing. I like the idea of this post and bringing the best back to the blog. Cheers

  8. This post was very informative. you can also check out (link removed due to use of URL shortener) for a chuckle!

  9. Mandy Wiley

    Great post. Loved the Pepsi/Coke video…it’s incredible how such FMCG brands (have to) keep reinventing their look and so on. A drink is a drink is a drink…but not quite huh.

    As for URL shortners, tr.im etc will come and go. It’s important to have something more stable, so I just work with snipurl.com since 2001. They’ve been around and weathered several storms, and their interface is the most pleasing.

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