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Santa Claus brand guidelines

“Has he been yet?”
— ME, 1984

Santa Claus brand guidelines

“Icon magazine asked Bond to contribute a case for the re-design section of their magazine. There was a general feeling at the office that it was time for Santa Claus to get his act together. Belief in Santa Claus is at an all-time low. Confused by the thousands of different Santas out there, children don’t know what to think. Bond gave him a facelift and a few new guidelines to help boost his credibility.”

Santa Claus brand guidelines

Santa Claus brand guidelines

Santa Claus brand guidelines

More images on the Bond website. Via Design Work Life.

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5 appreciated comments

  1. Great post and just in time for winter, I think its about time someone added some guidelines to Santa.

  2. With my first addition to the family being 1/2 year old, my wife and I have been thinking about the question of whether to lie to our child. I guess if the ‘Santas’ around don’t follow the guidelines we may not have to worry about that… Great holiday post!!!

  3. Not as good as this version which went viral last year: http://www.quietroom.co.uk/santa_brandbook/document.pdf

  4. Max

    Old idea, we meet again.

  5. This is fantastic. And the examples of “bad santas” are a great touch.

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