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Satirical logos by Maentis

“The Maentis collective from Paris makes satirical art. They’ve modified these famous logos to give them a new meaning, in the ‘Unbranding’ series.”

Fat McDonalds logo

Olympics drugs logo

Apple window logo

Gillette blades logo

Rolling Stones North Korea logo

From the “Universal Unbranding” section of the Maentis website.

Cheers Blair.

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4 appreciated comments

  1. Dragos

    I really liked the gillllllette one….

  2. Laughing at the bloated ‘golden not so much of an arch anymore’….I never seem to be that full after eating a big mac, maybe im just not eating enough!

  3. Italo

    I guess it’s more about McDonald’s unhealthy food and the obesity epidemic it is responsible for.

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