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Great refinement of the Saubermacher wordmark by Vienna-based Typejockeys.

Saubermacher logo

Saubermacher logo

“In addition to the logotype the agency assigned us for a custom typeface to be used for headlines and such. With that in mind from the beginning we could manage to produce a custom face within a small amount of time.”

Saubermacher logo

“Testing was essential. Allthough this face should not ever be used for copy text, this setting [below] shows a lot of potential ink traps more clearly.”

Saubermacher logo

Saubermacher logo

More on the Typejockeys website.

Via I Love Typography.

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5 appreciated comments

  1. Trevor

    Gorgeous. Thanks for introducing me to Typejockeys!

  2. Great font. Is it possible to download or buy it somewhere?

  3. Judy Caley

    The work on the Typejockeys website is really inspiring! Bookmarked!

  4. Very nice typography. I love seeing work like this as it brings out my inner-geek.

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