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I was doing a little research into logos that smile.

Amazon logo
Amazon, designed by Turner Duckworth, 2000

Argos logo
Argos, designed by The Brand Union, 2010

Bledina logo

Cider logo
Cider by Kronleins, designed by Amore

Danone logo

Dusseldorf logo
Dusseldorf, designed by BBDO

i-D logo
i-D Online

Kraft Foods logo
Kraft Foods (previous)

LG logo
LG, 1995

Breast Team logo
Osaka Welfare Pension Hospital Breast Team, designed by Shinnoske Design

Peel logo
Peel District School Board, designed by Hambly & Woolley, 2005

PeoplePC logo
PeoplePC, designed by Landor

Pepsi logo

Smile logo
SMILE Organization, designed by Altaf Sharif

Telenet logo

Thomson logo
Thomson Holidays

Traveline logo

I can’t think of any others, except for the one smile that rules them all.

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  1. Jean Chouinard

    Not the latest Kraft logo. ;)

  2. Neil Stewart

    Not forgetting iD magazine.

  3. Hi there, here’s another one – it’s a Slovenian online retailer Mimovrste: http://www.mimovrste.com. Right now they are celebrating 10 years of business, so that’s why the number 10 is highlighted in the logo.

    Here’s the logo without the 10: http://btcdata.blob.core.windows.net/store-logotip/49a064a6-5718-449b-ab78-aea60399d754

  4. There is one more: http://www.sunrise.ch
    A famous swiss telecommunication provider :-)

  5. You guys should check out http://www.flanco.ro/ Vs. Amazon.
    Beat that!

  6. Phil

    Not famous yet but that clever (consumer-credit at a 0% rate, who doesn’t want that) startup will probably be soon: http://www.credeez.com/
    I liked the idea of leverage/help/elevation incorporated in the smile.

  7. Our icon is a smiley face but quite by accident. It’s the FF from our name frostfire. The icon is also, by another accident, almost identical to a 100 year old cattle brand from Nevada in the US.


  8. Anna

    The one came to my mind just now:


    mobile phone tariff in Thailand, DTAC company

  9. Mike

    Goodwill’s smiling ‘G’ from the 1960s


  10. The smile on the amazon logo is nice, but the fact that it also works as an arrows connecting “a to z” —as in “we sell everything from a to z”— is what does it for me. Very clever!

  11. Don’t forget the Heineken logo. Very subtle, but the e’s do smile intentionally:


  12. Ole-Per Marthinsen

    Our site language is Norwegian, the company name is English, while the logo symbol is universal:

  13. john spiegel

    Fun to view!
    They made me smile!!

  14. The “Thomson Logo” makes even more sense if look at the umbrella brand name “TUI” (www-tui-com).

  15. Chris

    I don’t see that as a smile in the Pepsi logo. Frankly, I continue to be baffled by the Pepsi logo. Just bad.

    Hasbro’s logo is very happy…

  16. Hey David, awesome post – very fun :) My all time favourite smile logo, which I don’t think has been listed in the comments is the Gu Puds logo:


  17. shirlee Chen

  18. Jon Whipple

    What about Smile! Makers of software for te Mac:

  19. Denise

    #46 Redfern brand identity guidelines (PDF) in you list of Brand identity style guides from around the world, Nov. 13, refer to their logo as a smile in the download file.

  20. Great shout, Jamie. If you haven’t read it, this story about the presentation of the Gu brand identity is brilliant.


    Thanks to everyone for the comments/suggestions.

  21. Also Jetair has a smile in the logo.
    A smile and a wink, resembling the great time you’re having on vacation.

  22. The internet provider Astound practically copied Amazon.


  23. Kaj

    In Poland, Thomson Holidays is known under the name ‘TUI’ Travel Agency, so these are just the letters, that you can get from the pictogram.

  24. Georg Warth

    The A in SAP also smiles.

  25. JP

    Hi here is a smiley logo that I made for the Teatro Real (Royal Theatre) in Córdoba, Argentina in 2008.


    Excellent website. Saludos desde Argentina!

  26. Thanks for the love! =)
    Also, it was designed by http://www.altafsharif.com for those who want to know.

  27. I’ve updated your logo with Altaf’s name, thanks.

  28. The Thompson is actually TUI (www.tui.com) and the logo made of those letters. Smiles are more or less a decease in design. A sickness of the 90s to 00s. Even some banks were smiling in Germany before the crisis …

  29. One of the better ones is the World Economic Forum

  30. Also check out the Crayola packaging and the implied face on Cheerios boxes. Interestingly, the Cheerios face seems to be winking, with the smile to the closed-eye side. Perhaps intentionally?

  31. Dom

    Take a peek at the Heineken logo – the e’s have been rotated slightly so that they smile.

  32. Mimovrste.com was already mentioned up in the comments, I just wanted to add how witty the idea is, because their name is Mimo vrste, aka Cut the line, and of course if you don’t need to wait in line, you are happy and smiling. So the logo goes together with the name of the company and is so an added value.

  33. andres

    Center-America juice brand.


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