Another free chapter: staying motivated has offered you all the “staying motivated” chapter from Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities.

Guild of Food Writers logo design
Guild of Food Writers logo, by 300million

Here’s a quick excerpt.

“Every designer has a level of insecurity that can only be abated by the creative peer group respect or commercial success of their work,” said Martin Lawless, creative director at London-based 300million. “Sadly, the warm, fuzzy, proud feeling of security doesn’t last long. Sometimes, it’s as short as the length of time it takes to make the winding walk back from the awards podium to the table of smiling workmates and your half-drunk client.

“Motivation comes from the relentless desire to get back to that briefest pause on the mountaintop. It’s as simple and as hard as that.”

Read two chapters for free

The first free chapter was your choice, from pencil to PDF, and is available as a downloadable PDF.

Now you can also read the staying motivated chapter, formatted for online viewing by

Alternatively, read some very kind book reviews.

Before anyone asks, I won’t be giving away all the content for free. Most will be reserved for those beautiful people who have spent their hard-earned cash on a copy.

If you have any book comments or constructive feedback, I’d love to know.

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  1. Just a quick compliment on your writing David. Its a refreshing change to read a design book that is warm in tone and above all encouraging. Well Done.

  2. Excellent! I recommended this chapter to my friends. As for me, I have already bought the book and it’s changed my thoughts on the topic “how to make a good logo.”

    Thank you!

  3. David, I love the book, really great stuff, thanks for writing a logo book that doesn’t think it needs to teach me Illustrator. I really got a lot out of the sections dealing with client communication and presentation as well, though I think an entire book could be done on how to explain to a client that they’re not the designer (you make it sound much easier than I’ve found it). My only complaint would be that the cover stock could be a bit thicker, I’ve bent it up quite a bit coming in and out of my laptop bag.

  4. 2 chapters! Wow – I don’t think I need to buy the book now :)

    Only kidding – can’t wait to get my hands on it. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Brilliant, Chris. Thanks for the support. As for the cover stock, the weight was the choice of my publisher. Should I ever write another book, I’ll ask for a few samples before making a choice.

  6. Hi David,
    Quick query.
    Have you given any thought to a bundled LDL book (hard copy) which includes a downloadable true pdf version to read in apps like goodreader on iPad?
    Great for those who love the feel of real books, but also love the convenience of iPad when on the go (Like me,)

    Regards Keith.

  7. There’s no actual bundle, Keith (i.e., one purchase with two items included) but you can buy the book as a hard copy and also as a PDF or through Amazon Kindle for iPad reading.

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