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Metallica and Kleenex

saul bass logos

Seth Godin ponders a collection of Saul Bass logos, stating how they could be swapped from company to company. What do you think? Article here: But you’re not saying anything. You can view more Saul Bass resources here.

Metallica logo design

Metallica’s new logo, designed by Turner Duckworth, is based on the band’s original version from 1981. TD also designed the identity and packaging for the new album, Death Magnetic. In my early teens, Metallica were one of my favourite bands, though my horizons have since been broadened considerably.

UL logo design

The Underwriters Laboratory logo got a wee bit more bold. Via Quipsologies. More subtle changes can be seen in my recent feature on logo refinements.

international paper logo design

Armin Vit offers us a brief look inside some excellent corporate identity manuals, including International Paper, Conneticut General and Caterpillar. Inside the graphic design archives at RIT.

If you’ve been talking about logo design recently, feel free to leave a link in the comments section.

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7 appreciated comments

  1. The Metallica re-design is an interesting one, especially Lars Ulrich’s comments about employing the ‘best guys for the job’. Not many bands are in a position to do this but it sure does make a lot of sense …

    On another note, I posted a case study last week focusing on my latest logo design. For anyone interested, follow this link:


  2. Hi Ed,

    Thanks very much for adding your link. I love how you’ve shown sketches in your logo feature. Always interesting to see.

  3. Thanks David, and thanks for the comment on my blog.

    I think it’s vital to show that when doing a case study. It’s certainly not the prettiest page in the world, but (for me at least) sketching and brainstorming is the most important part of the project.

  4. I always enjoy other’s people logo design creation process. Thanks for sharing!

    Dainis Graveris’s last blog post…2 in 1 – Stunning 3D Ice Text Effect Tutorial

  5. Hi David, I think you website have most resources for beginner like me. Keep the rich content and i will always monitor yours update.Cheers!

  6. It was my pleasure leaving a comment on your site, Ed. No need to thank me.

    Dainis, Aleshay,

    You’re very welcome.

  7. Rob Lee

    These are awesome. The International Paper logo looks rather like Linkin Park’s new logo.

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