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The Blue Jays, black metal music, the new Barclaycard, and a little duck fart

Toronto Blue Jays logo

The new Toronto Blue Jays logo isn’t going down too well, and I agree with Jakub’s critique.

If it were up to me, I’d have definitely altered some elements of the original, such as the stitching of the baseball, but the maple leaf and colour red would’ve been kept. Then again, I’m neither Canadian, nor a fan of baseball.

barclaycard logo

This angry logo round-up is worth a read. From Ben Terrett.

car logos

How automobile logos define a brand, on Design Week.

duck fart logo

MarnieB brings us 30 animal logos. My favourite has to be Duck Fart. It’s that little lean to the side that really makes it.

metal band logos

The Dark Lord of Logos — a brief interview with Christophe Szpajdel, a black-metal logo designer.

design cubicle logo

Brian Hoff, of Design Cubicle, shares his personal logo design process. Nice insight, Brian.

logo of the day

Jacob Cass and Jeff Fisher collaborate for the launch of Logo of the Day, a daily logo gallery with “best of the month” awards.

For more daily logo design inspiration, have a look at Logo From Dreams, Logo Faves, or FaveUp.

logitech logo

Jakub of ISO50 talks about this beauty of a logo (Logitech), another from the design fail series.

Twitter bird

Many of these articles are mentioned on Twitter soon after I see them — yet before I have time to publish them on Logo Design Love. If Twitter’s your thing, you can follow me here.

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17 appreciated comments

  1. spot on! DesignCubicle logo is cool.

  2. Wow! I have to say I was a little bit chuffed to see a trackback from LogoDesignLove. Thanks for the link love, and for another great post!

  3. Bimmer

    Ted Rogers, owner of the Toronto Blue Jays passed away today. Pretty ironic don’t you think?

  4. Barclaycard logo reminds me of the AT&T Logo. A little too similar i think. Nice post- a lot of interesting things to look at. thanks

  5. The angry logo round up was very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  6. MP

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Design Process read from Brian. Good stuff.


  7. Must admit, I’d seen the Barclaycard logo of late, but what so bemused with the swirly spheretical icon, that I hadn’t even noticed the “floating Y” as — Ben Terrett describes it.

    I think it’s a good-looking logo, but with any scope, true meaning or communication.

  8. Sorry, *without

  9. It seems to me that the “J” in the Toronto Blue Jays logo looks like a knife blade ready to chop off the poor birds’ head.

  10. I like the lean part of the duckfart.

    And about the logitech logo, usually I just ignore it. I don’t really understand what the logo is trying to tell me. I’d rather think about the product itself, which mostly mouse and keyboard.

  11. bob

    If you are referring to the above Jays logo as new – you would be incorrect. That logo was launched in 2003.

  12. Thank you for the mention of Logo Of The Day. I liked the duckfart logo too, any humour in logo design goes a long way!

  13. Marnie, my pleasure. Enjoy the weekend.

    Bimmer, that was a coincidence!

    Preston, George, MP, thanks for reading, guys.

    Bob, as far as I’m aware, the Blue Jays logo was recently updated with some new type, hence the publicity.

    Jacob, no worries. Glad things are working out with your logo site.

  14. Damn it. Really want to read that article on automotive logos, but I’m not going to subscribe to DesignWeek just to get it. Oh well.

  15. Rob

    As a Blue Jay fan, I know that here in Toronto, the new logo has been a complete success story. The old logo was due for a rebrand and the team gets revenue from everybody buying updated jerseys. The new logo is modern and sleek and the Jay is more fearsome-looking. You should also see the full log (not just the insignia); search “Jays Logo” on Google Images and you will see it is dynamic and now the team has one of the nicest logos in the League.

  1. pistevo | duckfart - Dec 6th, 2008

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