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  1. I like the “arms” the way they strech to the sky. Is it a worshipper praising his god or is it Jesus blessing the creation? Either way they work great as a symbol for all good a church should stand for!

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  3. David, this was actually Logo Of The Day back last month and there were quite a few positive and negative comments re the logo.

    What is your opinion on the tenth logo? Personally, I think it is a great logo based on what I have read over on Logolog.

  4. As always, I like to play a game of “Guess what this logo is for” before reading the writeup.

    Initially, I didn’t take to the logo, as I couldn’t tell what it was for (company; service?)—not that a logo in anyway has to pertain to any obvious statement, of coarse.

    However, when I read the writeup, and looked into the link showing that it was for a church, it all makes sense—and I really like it. Nancy Wu has done a great job, and tells a great story when viewed in context.

  5. Thank you so much for the nice coverage David, and everyone else for their constructive/encouraging comments. Interesting as I’ve never seen or heard of that Portuguese website. My development sketches show the natural evolution of the mark from the key words/concepts in the briefing document–this is the usual process I take for any logo project (focus on concept & address the brief). I also found it interesting, the connection with my Asian heritage and the Chinese symbol for ten. I don’t read Chinese (boo!) and the church itself isn’t predominantly Chinese or in an Asian neighbourhood. It’s quite multicultural and varied socially that makes for a very inclusive community, thus my reasoning for a welcoming/worshipping mark that tells simply what it is (the cross = a church = its people) without discouraging anyone from coming. Cheers!

  6. You’re more than welcome, Nancy. Thanks for stopping by to comment, and again for agreeing to contribute to my book.

    It’s a pleasure to have you on board.

    Thanks to everyone else for leaving your thoughts too.

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