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The Woodshed Horror Company

An appropriate logo for The Woodshed Horror Company.

The Woodshed Horror Company logo

Designed by Olly Moss.

Via Chris Glass.

Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities, second edition

7 appreciated comments

  1. I’m a fan of Olly Moss’s work. This is brilliant. A great idea, bang on emotively.

  2. Olly’s on fire!

  3. That Olly is seriously talented! The more you look at many posters the more detail that comes to light. Thanks for sharing. (Great logo too).

  4. Judy Caley

    Loved his paper cuts. Really cool!

  5. This logo is exceptional. The especially love the texture the brush strokes have created. Dark and very cool indeed!

  6. Thanks for making me notice the awesome work of Olly Moss!

  7. Tara

    Hi Olly,

    I thought you might want to know that someone has stolen your work and submitted it at Freelancer.com. – Great work by the way!

    Here is where your work has been stolen, I hope you contact freelancer ASAP!

    Link – https://www.freelancer.com/contest/Design-a-Logo-for-a-Ghost-Hunting-Team-57538–1.html

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