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Tin Can

Leon Dijkstra got in touch after creating this one for Tin Can.

“Tin Can is a Dutch production company that focuses on the development and production of formats in the field of television, branding, online and events.”

Nice work on the video, Leon. The sound (before the beat) had me reminiscing about Blade Runner on the PC.

“As shown in the movie, the entire identity consists of two basic elements that constitute the logo; namely a basic typography and four basic lines. Each line refers to one of the four disciplines of their profession. These lines are the main ‘format’ for the entire identity and are adaptable to different types of content and applications.”

Tin Can brand identity

Tin Can brand identity

Tin Can brand identity

Tin Can brand identity

Tin Can brand identity

Tin Can brand identity

Tin Can brand identity

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4 appreciated comments

  1. The video at a certain point had me reminiscing about Wolfenstein 3D instead ;)…
    Nice work!

  2. Grafian

    Woah, that’s a very good presentation in there, but I dont think such a basic and generic element as line can deliver the message in this case. And with that color and typeface, it just seems so plain to me.

  3. Rich

    Wonderfully presented and very professional – I think it’s a grower, which is good for an office environment. I’d make all my staff wear striped tops and berets. I wouldn’t take the same approach myself but I admire the application and how well it has been thought out.

  4. wilsonality

    sometimes… and only sooooometimes did it make me think of IBM

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