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Trying to remember logos (by my 5-year-old)

Contributed by Cincinnati-based Adam Ladd.

Innocent logo sketch
innocent logo, designed in 1999 by Deepend

After Faith’s “impressions” on logos, it was fun to see her retention of some she is not familiar with (embedded below).

You can catch Adam on Twitter here.

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4 appreciated comments

  1. Hehe very nice :-) Of course a memorizable and drawable logo isn’t necessarily the same as a recognizable logo, bit still this gives me something to think about.

  2. Pao Valencia

    I loved it. Somehow makes me remember why I chose to become a designer, it’s fun! Thank you for sharing that.

  3. I’m impressed!

  4. Ashley Goose

    I fully agree with faith’s statement at the end… Adorable indeed and very interesting. I feel like this would be a great project to try on many different age groups. She is a beautiful and very smart little lady. Kudos

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