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9,000 TV channel logos

I didn’t count them, but I’ll take Tanner’s word for it.

TV channel logos

And that’s only about a fifth of the collection.

Original post here: What 9,000 TV Channel Logos Looks Like.

With higher res PNGs here: TV Channel Logos (Page 1 of 7).

TV channel logos

Collated by Tanner Christensen.


Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities, second edition

16 appreciated comments

  1. It is hard to see so many logos together. A good eye will be able to put apart the best ones, and leave the bad ones behind. I choose three very cool logos.

  2. Nato

    That’s only 125 rows x 16 columns. 2000 logos.

  3. I’m amused that you counted all of those rows, yet failed to read the line of text immediately below the image.

  4. So many CW logos…

  5. I enjoy seeing the variations in the public channels. I always enjoyed traveling and seeing all of the changes in programming logos between areas.

    & for some reason, my eyes go right to all the CW variations in this slice of the whole collection.

  6. Not sure I’ve ever seen so many logos displayed like that, but I like it. Given me some ideas for a new poster.

  7. LizBeth

    ^ win

  8. i spotted “ion” logo twice! :P

  9. two words. Holy Crap!

  10. Wow!

    Isn’t it interesting that most of them are round and circular like remote control buttons? Hmm…. :-)

  11. John Handelaar

    BBC2’s in there at least three times and they’re quite close to each other.

  12. Now you mention it, I’ve spotted the Ion logo 6 times! Cw logo is repeated a few times along with the BBC logo.

    Easy mistake to make though when dealing with that many logos all at once.

  13. And the point would be…?

  14. I’m a big fan of the swedish TV4-group logos made by OhlsonSmith, you can see some of the works here http://ohlsonsmith.se/clients/tv4-group

  15. Ahah, I love the “Removed on Request” on the second picture. :D

  16. Dan

    Like Andrew Baumgartner, my eyes went directly to The CW variations.

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