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Brand New is a division of Under Consideration, displaying opinions, and focusing solely on corporate and brand identity work.

The site contains a collection of ‘before and after’ identity re-vamps. Be sure to check out the reader comments for discussion and differing opinions.

Here’s a small sample of the identity redesigns that are mulled over:

New York City Ballet

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New York City Ballet logo

Too much New York, and not enough ballet? Perhaps the right winter city look that appeals to the baby boom target audience?

Toys R Us

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New York City Ballet logo

With the quotation marks removed, most designers seem happier, although a few call for an Toys R Us infrastructure change, as opposed to toying with the logo. Others believe there’s a kerning issue with the ‘US’ characters being too far away from the ‘R’. Interesting comments in the Brand New reader chat.

Business Week

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Business Week logo redesign

The serifs are gone, with a typeface not too dissimilar to GOOD (Magazine) preferred.

The Science Channel

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The Science Channel logo

A clear step forward for The Science Channel, with an obvious reference to the periodic table. Too obvious? They pull it off with an in-house design that was always going to be an improvement (barring a catastrophe).

I’ve been subscribed to the Brand New RSS feed for some time now, and you can do likewise here: Brand New RSS feed.

The discussion from their readers has helped give me a fresh perspective on certain design projects.

Images courtesy of Brand New

4 responses

  1. I think I would have added the channel number to the Science Channel logo or something. The upper right hand corner of the new one is a little two plane for me. The old image really stuck with me, but I’ve also seen a couple of periodic table logos and they had some nice but simple details that this one doesn’t.

    Dan Cole’s last blog post..Backing Up WordPress

  2. Dan,

    I’m not sure about adding the channel number to the Science logo. I think it’d be too much, but good of you to leave your thoughts.


    Glad you like the site. It’s certainly one of my favourites.

  3. Hi Dan,

    I don’t believe the channel number would work since it would be a different channel number based on who the television provider is and where the service is located. For example, the Atlanta area DirecTV Science Channel is going to have a different number than the Seattle area Comcast cable Science Channel.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do like your idea. I just don’t believe it can be done based on the reason I mentioned.

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