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Unevolved Brands

unevolved lego logo

England-based designer Graham Smith came up with an idea to show logos in simplified form, using only circles.

unevolved visa logo

“How many Brands can you recognize after they have been Unevolved to just circles.”

unevolved logo

It made me think again about just how much these symbols of ownership have penetrated our lives, and reminded me of 33 logos in 33 minutes.

Visit Unevolved Brands.

Via Blair Thomson and ISO50.

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15 appreciated comments

  1. nateP

    I only got lego…

  2. Cool idea, I got the Lego and I think the bottom one’s Esso but I can’t crack the middle one. Crazy Idea!

  3. Chris

    It looks like Lego, Visa, Esso. I think. I love this site.

  4. Wow. Very interesting!

  5. Got several of them but don’t see the point of this exercise.

  6. I think its a very interesting exercise. How ingrained are these brands and logos in us, that we can recognise them even when they are in simple circle forms.
    I got the Lego and the Esso one, I played with lego as a kid and I have got petrol from Esso. I have got a visa card (I think), I dont pay that much attention to it, therefore I didnt get that it was visa.

  7. I got Lego and Esso, but no idea of the second one.

  8. Lego

  9. I agree with Milo, quite the fun idea, and it is very ‘frightening’ to see how many of theese brands we recognize instantly..

  10. Lego
    Napster (not Esso)

  11. Em

    I wonder if this just shows that we recognize brands by color.

  12. First one is Lego

    No idea about the second one

    And I’m pretty sure last one is Dell

  13. Spencer

    Really neat idea! I can see that the first one’s LEGO and the last one’s Esso. I can’t make-out the middle one.

  14. lego and tesco?? not sure on the middle one, maybe lidl?

  15. Lego, Ikea & Esso

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