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University of Sussex

University of Sussex logo

In 2004, the University of Sussex brand identity (a DBA Design Effectiveness Awards winner) was implemented by London-based Blast.

It’s a great example of how identity design can become part of our language, with the university’s monogram “us” being integrated into promotional phrases.

explore us
count on us
about us
know us

University of Sussex logo

University of Sussex logo

University of Sussex logo

Good design thinking.

Exeter-based studio Believe in produced a similar result for Amanda Marsden’s salon and spa, using the “am” monogram to form statements such as, “am beautiful,” “am natural,” “am relaxed.”

10 points for a similar example.

Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities, second edition

8 appreciated comments

  1. What a great logo. The ligature was perfectly designed and the negative space works perfectly. I do think that the ambiguity in design is very cool path to follow. Very nice work.


  2. Javier

    I like the idea, but I find the U of the logo quite ugly. My brain keeps telling me that it’s a wrong version of Wilson’s logo ( http://www.wilson.com ).

  3. Quite nice! Definitely stops education looking posh or boring. :-)

  4. I love the simplicity of the brand. The simplicity makes it more sophisticated because of the minimalism and how easily it fits into the merchandise and branded items.

  5. What a fantastic, simple and very effective idea. The clean design helps to add a creative appeal to the university and the educational aspect. I can see the comparison with the Wilson’s logo especially when the logo is on its own. However, I think with the campaign using ‘us’ prevents that comparison from sticking.

  6. Nick

    This logo puts the ‘sex’ back into Sussex…

  7. That is such a lovely elegant design, and works so well. Very impressed.

    Wonderful colour also. On my monitor it’s a very very deep green.

  8. Po

    No! I love the original logo (that one with shield)!
    This new logo is so ugly. The short form “US” just makes me think of United States.
    Some logos are so simple but impressive, obviously this one fails.

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