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12 thoughts on “Wexler

  1. Like the type, like the symbol – just not so much together.
    The symbol really reminds me of Dexter the cartoons glasses… which is a good thing.


  2. I like the packaging, but is it just me or do the icons on the leaflet look quite dated? Dare I say it, it reminds me of old clip art!

  3. If they are looking for a younger audience, then I think that they’ve done a great job; the older logo looked more corporate (though I really find the old icon interesting; I think a change in font and maybe the “W” within the logo could have been highlighted with a bright colour and may have done the trick). At first I thought it was a shame they lost the subtle “W” in the new logo, but now I see it and actually I like the custom lettering & fun graphics on the packaging. Everything we do now is so visual so I think that the eyes & glasses are clever. Love the colours.

  4. wow, what a departure in every way… very brave indeed and hats off to the design team for getting this out.

    initially I preferred the older version but in just a few minutes of looking it over again, the new one has completed won me over. fun, fresh, vibrant.

  5. It looks a little late 80s/early 90s to me and the packaging is somewhat busy. I can see it appealing to middle aged women maybe, but that’s about it.

  6. Personally I really like the new graphic element, but not so much the font. I much prefer the font that is on the bottom left corner of the pamphlet, though without the pink drop behind it.

    I find the script with the implied line detail just a little too distracting. To me it is reminiscent of a balloon sculpture, and just doesn’t fit well with the clean, modern look of the logo and other elements used in the packaging, which I find quite pleasant, but that’s just my humble opinion :)

  7. I found the new logo (even more because of how the compny’s name sounds like) too much DEXTER (as in the first comment) and I can’t see it as a good thing, seems a bit unoriginal, I don’t know…

    I think the old symbol was pretty good, just a new color scheme (less corporative) and a new font would be enough for me. =)

  8. I noticed that also Francesco. It seems like all they did was work on the “W” (mixed lower and uppercase). The rest is unchanged.

  9. The w is too similar to an s-e, but quite a change in any case. I agree with TM5. That aesthetic, as well as that of the icons, is reminiscent of old cartoons… older than dexter, which again, is not a bad thing.

  10. I think both the old and the new branding are quite good. If they wanted a complete change (which it sounds like they did) then the new logo is relevant especially for a younger target market. Agree with Judy, that he icons on the pamphlet are not that exciting and look a bit dated/clip arty.

  11. I’m surprised they didn’t play with a ‘W’ / sneak eyes mash-up. Could have added an easy continuity element to the brand. But like you say, this is brave.

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