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will.i.am talks logos

In summary, there’s a problem (and some other stuff about India).

Via Andy Sandoz.

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  1. I think this went up like 2,500 views since yesterday, as viral a video for brand designers as any.

    He speaks truth, just, in a very confusing… or rather, confused way…. the serious, cool black and white montage is just setting you up for some life altering truth you keep waiting for and then… India.

  2. Aaron Dickey

    I learned so much.

  3. My work here is done.

  4. Matt Watkins

    In light of this video, are we likely to see Erik Spiekermann talking about hip-hop?

  5. What does Will.i.am know about logos? Stick to your music buddy! That bit about India was really weird and I have no idea what he meant by that. Otherwise, pretty nicely done video.

  6. Katie

    Well you know this is how designers sound to their clients sometimes.

  7. Uhhh…he should just stick to music. And so what if he doesn’t like using the word brand. A brand isn’t always a company and brands need logos too.

  8. Fistful of Dave

    It’s confusing because it sounds like he’s regurgitating something he was told, but dosen’t understand the reason why.

    Let’s not jump up and down because he’s famous and saying this.

  9. He’s right, of course. About the logo’s
    Though the India thing was a bit wierd.

  10. Kosta

    If you have poor communications skills, “then there’s a problem.”

  11. Jakub

    Seems like he was talking about The Noun Project http://thenounproject.com/

  12. There’s a problem, alright! ;)

  13. I’m so confused.

  14. All I know is that he walked through my home town of Taunton and tweeted on his phone while having the honour of carrying the Olympic Torch.

    That was a problem.

  15. Ahsan

    I think he started off ok, black and white, size and scale…

    What I kinda got from the India thing was, he was trying to say, if your logo is an icon or simple graphic it can work in different languages.

    So same graphic with english text or Hindi script will still be recognisable.

  16. Besides what “Fistful of Dave” said about it sounding like he is regurgitating something he was told without understanding, it really REALLY annoys me that he almost never looks at the camera. What is it he is looking at way off screen, some kind of bullet point list of “problems?”
    This was painful to watch.

  17. Gianni

    Symbolism… the word you are looking for is Ssssssssymbolism.


  18. brad webster

    Wow. I was watching his eyes and all his fidgeting and found myself wondering if he was even sober. Just my thoughts though…

  19. gary b

    haha, why is he even talking about logos… it really sounds like he’s regurgitating something he heard or read… anyways, there was some bits of truth to what he was saying and than BAM, India.. wtf? haha

    side note, got your book Mr. Airey and it’s always a go too when explaining do’s and don’ts with a client as well as a go to for myself for refreshing my brain when I’m stuck on a design! thanks for putting it out there!

  20. Ok, I figured it out! He was supposed to be giving an interview about something he questionably knew, music, but he got confused by the lack of a teleprompter and started reading the temporarily abandoned computer monitor of an art school intern instead (hence his constant focus shift to the right). He’s “dialing” it in so hard, I don’t even think he realizes he’s not talking about music! Hahahaha!!! ;)

  21. I was on track with him and quite impressed until he threw India in there…what?

  22. Jasmine


  23. I think he confused himself… CUT!

  24. He had me going for a few sec. but then I started smiling and it turned into laughing. You made my day David. I loved it.

  25. Thanks very much, Gary. It’s always brilliant to get some book feedback.

    Have a superb weekend, everyone.

  26. India? Why does he talk about India?
    And he looks like he just got out of bed. :)

  27. His own logo is based on the stand-by symbol, which is appropriate because I turned this video off halfway through.

  28. No idea what this guy is blathering on about. Or how he went from logos working in black and white, and really big, to something, something, something about India.

  29. I’m from India and I had a good laugh.

  30. It’s fun to think about what was so interesting to his right and marvel at the Gumby hairdo that just refuses to die, but much of what he said made sense to me. Actually intrigues me a little.

    It’s a question many of us ask; does this word, name, symbol I’m recommending my client use mean the same in that culture as it does in this? And I think the bit about India is meant to spark thought about a culture whose influence on the world is ever increasing.

    PS, I totally didn’t know “symbology” is actually a word.

  31. Tom OKeefe

    What’s funny is I don’t remember Will.i.am telling me this when I worked on his logo.


  32. Jon

    When someone with as little credibility even within his own industry (reference: http://www.youredm.com/2013/04/27/will-i-am-tries-to-justify-stealing-from-arty-and-mat-zo/), starts talking about a topic in an industry different to his own, you should A)roll your eyes to the back of your head and B)simply not contribute to adding the views on the video period.

  33. yashar

    Can I suggest sticking to writing great songs with lyrics that include listing the days of the week… instead of insulting people with this drivel.

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