This nice little book landed on my doorstep today.

Mark Bloom

“Although Mash Creative has only been a studio since 2009, I have actually worked as a graphic designer for more than 14 years. This book showcases 41 of my favourite logos I have designed during that time. All logos have been shown in their most basic state — black and white.”

Mark Bloom

Mark Bloom

Mark Bloom
Client: CeeGee Clothing. Industry: Fashion.

Mark Bloom
Client: Farrow. Industry: User Experience & Visual Design.

Mark Bloom
Client: Sophie Wright. Industry: Professional Chef.

Mark Bloom
Client: ‘O’. Industry: New Media Consultancy.

The book’s available for purchase from the Design Museum Shop, Artwords, Magma Books, Analogue Books, and Mark’s own online shop.

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March 29, 2012


Nice to see them all collated and presented black and white. Pentagram comes to mind, but that is not a problem!

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