“Throughout the course of the 2012 Olympic fortnight, an alternative programme of events will be taking place in offices and homes across London.

“While these events enjoy no official status, they represent some of the most popular participation sports in the UK.

“This blog is an attempt to recognise and honour these under-appreciated events through a system of practical iconography.”

2012 Olympic pictogramsJumping to conclusions.

2012 Olympic pictogramsWrestling with your conscience.

2012 Olympic pictogramsThrowing a wobbly.

2012 Olympic pictogramsShooting yourself in the foot.

2012 Olympic pictogramsFencing stolen goods.

2012 Olympic pictogramsKicking yourself.

2012 Olympic pictogramsLifting a finger.

Hat-trick worked with Nick Asbury, David Black, Steve Charker and Andrew Glazier on the project. More on the Olympic non-events 2012 blog.

2012 Olympic pictograms

Via Design Week.

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