Duffy design

Minneapolis-based design agency Duffy & Partners has published 25 years worth of logo design. You can view the slideshow on the Duffy website, and here I’ve picked out just a few of the featured logos.

“Designing a logo is perhaps one of the most daunting assignments for any designer—it requires patience, craft, precision and imagination. On face value it may seem simple – but if you think about it, a logo is an attempt to distill all that a company or a brand represents into a single emblem of identity.”
Dan Olsen, Creative Director at Duffy & Partners

Kerzner Marine Foundation (2006)

Kerzner Marine Foundation logo design

Pangea (2005)

Pangea logo design

St. Paul Travelers (2003)

St Paul Travelers logo design

The Islands of the Bahamas (2003)

Bahamas logo design

Viant (1996)

Viant logo design

Diet Coke (1994)

Diet Coke logo design

Minneapolis Public Library (1992)

Minneapolis Public Library logo design

A personal congratulations to everyone in the Duffy team for reaching the 25th anniversary milestone.

All 150 logos can be viewed in a slideshow on the Duffy website.

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April 23, 2009


I’ve loved the Bahamas logo since they launched it in 2003. The stylized representation of the country’s map is just plain gorgeous.

Kerzner Marine Foundation logo is really clever and simple and the Bahamas logo was an instant favourite the first time I saw it.

Duffy website bookmarked! Its nice to look at the different styles over the timeline. Really nice collection, cheers for sharing.

My favourite has gotta be Kerzner Marine Foundation – It’s inspired, simple and elegant – I find the angle of the head tilted back very uplifting (scuse the pun).

Following his work for many years, ever since `i was a little squirt at design school with my airbrush and bau pen, truly an inspiration. Simplicity is key no doubt. Along those lines are Charles Spencor Anderson and Jenifer Morler. Work basic and fundamentally communicative to there objective.

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