To illustrate the constant presence of logos in our lives, I spent the first few minutes of a typical working day photographing logos on the products I interact with, beginning with my morning alarm.

Update: As you can likely tell from the photos, this post isn’t new (2008), so it now gives a slightly nostalgic look back at many of the brands I’ve since moved on from.

phone logo

bulb logo

joggers logo

slippers logo

gown logo

kettle logo

tea logo

fridge logo

milk logo

cereal logo

bread logo

toaster logo

butter logo

jam logo

tv logo

news logo

banana logo

toilet paper logo

shower logo

shower gel logo

shampoo logo

towel logo

shave gel logo

tap logo

razor logo

toothbrush logo

toothpaste logo

floss logo

mouthwash logo

sink logo

cotton buds logo

deodorant logo

aftershave logo

At this stage I’d still not be dressed for work. Just half an hour after waking and I’ve been surrounded by logos.

This post was inspired by Jane’s fun with brands. Some others are doing likewise:

What does your timeline look like? It doesn’t have to be an entire day, maybe just the journey to work, prepping dinner, the first 10 logos you see.


June 5, 2008


Interesting idea. I know ever since I became interested in logo design they’ve been popping up everywhere. I became more aware, I guess.

Maybe I’ll join in sometime.

David, I’m going to be a bit late with mine as I got sidetracked on what I found in my kitchen … Popcorn!

I love popcorn.
(and boy does it get the fingers greasy)

Thanks for your comment and link David. Actually, this idea may be converted to a “Logo Story”.. We can drop a couple of lines for each logo, e.g: “what did we do with Converse?”

Thanks alot for adding me in the list.
This thing is really catching on, and thats really good…we’re showing some logo design love to everyone :D

Hey, I love this idea. I’ll definitely join. I actually will do it in a slightly different way – let it be a surprise ;-)

Btw, you’ve showed Colgate twice ;-)


Thanks for the add.

This was great fun. Too bad it was over so quickly! Maybe do it again next year with a different theme?

Perhaps by using blog logos instead? Then there’d be some mega link love going around.

(very strange no one included the logos of the blogs they visit often)

Cat, great idea for another one.

Sander, Asfin, Shahzad, a pleasure adding yours. Thanks for joining in.

Vivien, loved your take!

Foxsden, Fubiz, Rafie, good of you all to drop by.

Daniel, and a great idea it was, too.

I might show this to my clients! Just shows how important design is.

I get clients who who want designs for really cheap. They don’t know the importance of design in our world. If they just had a closer look at what they have around their house, they might realize.

Great idea, and very interesting, thanks for sharing.

This is a great post.. It’s amazing how we are literally bombarded with design in the first 30 minutes of waking every day, let alone the rest of our days.

It wont look good posting mine, my partner i live in a loft and opposite our bed is the liquor cabinet.

The first thing i see in the morning is jack daniels, cointreau, absinth…

Don’t i sound like a winner, ha.

was going to ask why you have different types of toothpaste until I realised that I have 3 in my bathroom, I don’t think I could do a post like this, if you’ve got yor eyes open it would be more like 500 in 5 minutes, when i wake up i’d see the apple logo twice, the fender logo, the warwick logo, the adidas logo, dc shoes logo, not to mention what i’d see while reading a magazine over breakfast…

I’ve been meaning to create a similar article to this for a few months. But like you say, if I were to take photos of the first few hours of my day, it would be a LONG article. As a graphics creator, I look at nearly every single logo along the road, in the paper and in magazines. Inspiration comes from everywhere!

I never thought about the fact that we see brands and logos as soon as we open our eyes in the morning. 33 logos in 33 minutes, it’s just crazy. I’d say welcome to consumerism. Great post :)

It’s unbelievable how much of an influence graphic design has on our daily lives. Such an amazing post! I looked around my house after reading this and was shocked by the amount of logos in my house!

Great list, but please consider brushing your teeth before your breakfast.
And perhaps after your breakfast as well.

Tooth Fairy

David, I used your 33-logos as an inspiration for an assignment to my design students. I had them do a series of design journals, to see and analyze graphic design in the world. For a warmup to an identity assignment they were instructed to find 30 minutes of logos. Some of them really did a nice job, and if I get their permission to post on my blog I’ll do so, and send you a link. Loved your book — some wonderful thoughts in there that I tried to pass on to my charges.



This is an ingenious idea! I’m inspired to do the same and post it on my blog. Thank you for sharing this….I will be purchasing your book. :)


Logos seen on a daily basis no mater how long or short they are sends subliminal messages to the brain. It is a good way of conditioning the minds of people. Just like a child learning to associate pictures with alphabets on a daily grind. It has a big impact in persuasion. I love how you presented the logos. Very artistic.

What is the name of the toaster brand with the D logo? I have that as well and I have to write down the brand and it’s origin for an assignment and I can’t find the actual name of the brand.

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