“7-Eleven decided to update their cof­fee con­cept and empha­size a smart and con­ve­nient brand expe­ri­ence. The iconic stripes is the take-off point of our design. Mod­ern and clear branding.”

7-Eleven brand identity

7-Eleven brand identity

7-Eleven brand identity

7-Eleven brand identity

7-Eleven brand identity

Lovely work from Stockholm-based BVD, for 7-Eleven.

Via AisleOne.

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  1. Huge fan of minimalist design, lovely example. Refreshing for such a recognised brand to go for such an abstract style. I wonder if they’d be brave enough to use it in the US.

  2. Hmm.. i am not sure i am a fan of it. I like the retro feel but i think they missed the mark because it makes my coffee feel cheap. Like even more cheap then a default plain white cup..

  3. Paul Rand revival all along (think IBM). Beautiful but with a “déjà vu” feeling.
    But the “ensemble” is very convincing.

  4. This feels genuinely retro, like they just found all of this in boxes that were misplaced in 1983, rather than imitative or derivative.

  5. @rek
    It really does! Agree with that comment entirely.

    Funny to think that if a lot of brands made time capsule’s back in the 60s and 70s and reopened them now, they could switch back to that branding and become “cool and relevant” again.

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