7up logo 2014

7up logo 2014

“Feels good to be you.” You could put that after any product and it would mean just as little. Regardless, I’ve always known the 7up brand for its name and for that red circle, so it makes sense to strip the previous design of unnecessary elements.

Here’s the earlier logo from 2010, by TracyLocke.

7up logo 2010

7up logo 2010

And this is what came before the 2010 version.

7up logo old

There were others before that (shown on the CR Blog), but I’ll jump to the start with the first logo from 1929, back when 7up contained lithium citrate — mood stabiliser and supposed hangover cure.

7up logo old

7up gives you wings.

Press release, via The Branding Source.

Saudi Arabia will be the launch market for the new 7up revamp.

Some interesting photos in the 7up Flickr pool, like this, and this.


IMHO, the red disc doesn’t overlap the 7 enough. The 2010 version shows a more successful relationship between the two, although an overlap of that degree wouldn’t be necessary.

“You could put that after any product and it would mean just as little.”

No, I don’t think so. I believe because of the sugar levels making you feel better after drinking this beverage you feel better. And what I assume this tag means is you always felt better and this is you and this drink bring the happy you back from what ever the heck mood you’re in to. I agree this tag would work on any high sugar beverage but not on any product in general.

I think it would help to be able to compare this to other vintage versions of the logo, since that seems to be what they’re reaching back to.

Here’s a quick overview showing where the bubbles probably morphed into the dot, which is now referenced here. http://boldpost.leibold.com/2012/02/history-103-evolution-of-soft-drink-cans/

As far as the slogan goes, it’s exactly what I’d expect. No soda has had a genuine competitive advantage over another since Coke stopped being literally addictive—it’s all marketing.

7Up’s best slogan was in the one-commercial “Make Seven… Up Yours” campaign. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIICQemjmNc

I don’t dislike it, but IMHO, the 7 looks like the 7s you see on the slot machines. I’m expecting to see cherries next.

I’d agree with John, the red circle is too close to where the edge would be that it’s causing visual tension IMO. The word “up” looks force fit too, needs more breathing room.

The whole vibe has subtle retro feel to it as well. Maybe intended?

The previous work was stronger (Although I don’t like the thin grey line) and the new work is just underwhelming.

It’s dead centered on the 7. I guess putting it more to the top would give the “UP” an extra. Perhaps those two circles from the prior version below it as that would give an even stronger suggestion of movement.

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