Marijuana logos

“USPTO records show that the first US marijuana leaf logo trademark was filed in 2004, and the years since have seen an explosion in the symbols. By 2015, more than 1 in 500 new US logos featured a cannabis leaf.”

Marijuana branding needs a makeover.

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Classic Apple logo balloon

Nike logo balloon

But will it balloon? Nice Cinema 4D skills from Vinicius Araújo.

Instagram washing machine
Instagram washing machine

Instagram out with the old, in with the new. Images via Ink361 and Rik.

Not exactly a logo, but I like this Pixar-esque animation by Cody Borst. Via Gabriella.

Previous things.


Hi David. Thanks so much for including my free eBook in your blog post. I’ve had a lot of ‘very’ positive feedback, so thank you for contributing tips, and for all the other amazing, talented designers who was also included.

Thanks very much Ian and David for talking the trouble to help out the upcoming designers.
It’s really nice.
Ian, I love your book.

This was nice.
I hadn’t seen the Instagram washing machine image and gif before.
And the Pixar-esque animation from USA to NSA was funny, entertaining and yet struck a cord.

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