I’m your host, David Airey, a graphic designer in Northern Ireland. I opened my independent studio in 2005 and I’ve been designing logos (and a few books) ever since.

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The Logo Design Love book came about after Nikki McDonald (then senior acquisitions editor at US publisher Peachpit) emailed out of the blue to ask if I’d write with them. It was just a year after I’d launched this website and I hadn’t been thinking about writing for print. A number of my design clients have since found me after picking up a translation of the book in a bookstore far, far away. Funny how these things come about.

If you have some logo-related news you think would make an interesting feature then by all means send a message. Due to my unwieldy inbox I can’t always reply, unfortunately, but I do read and respond to as many messages as I can.


Should you need help with a logo project then please use my work email (here’s my portfolio):


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A related site, Identity Designed, opened its pages back in 2010, with design projects submitted by top studios around the world. An accompanying hardcover delves deep into the process of some of incredibly talented design firms.

If you’ve just started your own design company, or are thinking about it, Work for Money, Design for Love was written for you. It answers the most frequently asked questions about starting and running a successful design business.

Images on this page include a screenshot from the Logo Nature archive, and the Mitsulift logo designed by Base.