Original problem:
Logo for AGM, a company that makes very small models.
(The obvious, boring solution to the obvious boring problem is to do a very small AGM.)

Problem redefined:
Logo, when very large, as on the side of their delivery van, still seems very small.

Regardless of how large the AGM, put it next to something which shows that it is small.

AGM logo

From Bob Gill’s great book Graphic Design as a Second Language.

Bob Gill, so far is a compendium of Gill’s many books. Worth a look.

And another of his designs — the Television Associates logo.


Ah, Bob Gill.

It’s because of him I became a designer. He always redefined the brief to find the answer to the problem. We have a quote of his on our blog.

I saw him talk with Alan Fletcher and Theo Crosby (the founding members of
Pentagram when it was Fletcher Forbes & Gill). I got all 3 fo them to sign my business card, it’s one of my most treasured possessions.

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