Alternative Moscow logos

A few interesting design ideas for the city of Moscow.

Moscow logo concept
Designed by Ира Кикина.

Moscow logo concept
Designed by Стас Поляков.

Moscow logo concept
Designed by Антон Шнайдер.

Moscow logo concept

Moscow logo concept

Moscow logo concept
Designed by Протей Темен.

Moscow logo concept

Moscow logo concept
Designed by Катя Малых.

Additional imagery and details (in Russian) here and here on The Village.

Excuse me if I’ve got the credits wrong. I’m useless at Russian.

View the previously featured Surprise + Smile = Wow idea.

Thanks for the tip-off, Alexey.

8 responses

  1. I like the first stitch style logo. I can already imagine a lot of interesting applications and variations with it. Even with all the options listed here, how they ended up with the emoticons is beyond me.

  2. I’m actually undecided on these alternative logos. At initial glance they all seem far better than the emoticons. I do like the ones designed by Протей Темен, however an explanation for the designs would be good, (my russian is no good either!) The whole thing makes me slightly confused as to what Moscow is trying to portray themselves as, or what it really stands for. I’ve been looking at other country logos, and they use obvious symbolism, incorporating the typography with a simple logo, for example Australia and the kangaroo, or Barbados and a turtle. Maybe looking at the architecture and culture could help design a successful logo, possibly incorporating the shapes and colours from St Basil Cathedral…But this whole thing raises the question, does a country really need a logo?

  3. I really like the top one. And the second to last, inline one, I like as well. I don’t get the finger print (?) one at all.

    Does the logo need updating? Can’t some logos be timeless?

  4. I’m unsure if there is/was a logo for Moscow, Trish, other than these ideas. If one exists, I’m fairly sure I’ve not seen it, either during my visit to Moscow or online.

  5. No, there isn’t a Moscow logo at the moment and I don’t think we’ve ever had one. In fact, the visuals as a whole are extremely weak here.

    All the above are just an exercise hosted by The Village, a site about Moscow that you have linked to, but it’s nothing official. Nor is the horrible emoticon one, which was created by an ‘initiative group’ and has nothing to do with Moscow’s government, but supposedly will be ‘suggested’ for approval. If it doesn’t get approved, though, they’ll be looking for investments elsewhere. So that isn’t happening yet (or, I hope, ever)

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