After posting the logo for the Zagreb Jewish Film Festival I spent a few minutes browsing Mirko Ilić’s portfolio.

This monogram for a hospitality consultancy caught my eye.

Andrew Young & Co logo

Mirko told me, “the idea was not only to create a martini champagne glass from the letter ‘Y’ but to also make the ‘A’ a ‘fancy’ folded napkin, as in fancy restaurants.”

Andrew Young & Co logo
Letterhead, front

Andrew Young & Co logo
Letterhead, back

Andrew Young & Co logo

I would’ve tackled the stationery a little differently, but I thought the monogram was a simple, appropriate, distinctive idea.


June 8, 2012


Explaining the concept of the logo, I made the mistake of telling that the letter “Y” was supposed to look like a martini glass when I meant a champagne glass.

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