Angus Hyland on logos

Angus Hyland

“Pirelli [tyres] breaks a lot of typographic rules with its overly stretched P; the longer the word, the more horizontal it becomes and the less functional it is. It breaks all conventions. It’s kind of ugly in its weirdness, which probably would have never got through a boardroom now. It’s part of its charm and distinctiveness.

Pirelli logo

“My very favourite [trade] mark is the World Wildlife Fund. I’d love to have done that. That’s the one. The giant panda is the perfect choice; the way it’s drawn is charming and very enduring.”

World Wildlife Fund logo

Pentagram partner Angus Hyland talks logos in Adweek.

— Sketches of the World Wildlife Fund logo
— A look inside his book co-effort (with Steven Bateman), Symbol

Pirelli logo via The F1 Times. Angus Hyland photo by Elizabeth Crawford. WWF photo via Stéfan.

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  1. Great read. “Are there any designs you’ve done that you’re embarrassed by now? Everybody has a drawer of shame. But I won’t open it for you.” Haha, loved that part. It’s so true…usually, those are the client driven logos. The projects in which the client just couldn’t let go.

  2. You’re very kind to the Pirelli logo. I googled “Pirelli logo ugly” and it got me to your page – just seeing if anyone else felt as I did. That logo’s bugged me since childhood and I agree with you – it probably wouldn’t cut it today.

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