Anita Giraldo

Sent in by Ian Perkins of Asian studio Name & Name, this identity is for Anita Giraldo, a New York photographer who uses multiple photos to make her images.

Anita Giraldo brand identity

There’s a good chance you’ve seen the design. It was created back in 2000 and got quite a lot of recognition (Type Directors Club, D&AD). I can’t remember seeing it, so I thought it was worth a feature.

Anita Giraldo brand identity

Anita Giraldo brand identity

Anita Giraldo brand identity

Each line of text on the stationery uses a font selected from those in the wordmark.

Anita Giraldo brand identity

Anita Giraldo brand identity

Anita Giraldo brand identity

Anita Giraldo brand identity

Matthew Gill (designer) and Michelle Miller (art worker) helped Ian on the project.

View more work on the Name & Name website (launched in 2012).

Ian used to work for Sterling Brands and Chermayeff & Geismar in NYC, W+K and BBH in London, and Frost Design in Sydney.

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  1. That’s a very fun concept. I’ve seen a lot of logos that use transparency, but it’s really the main feature on this one. I’d be interested how they’d render it if it ever needed to be printed in B&W. Would they do it in shades of grey, or just choose one of the fonts & make it black?

  2. Hi Don – for the black and white logo we used a black outline version in about 0.5pt line. It was only used on the back of the postcards. We kept the tones of grey version for future use with any black and white projects.

  3. I really really love how the transparency is used throughout the branding. It really works well with this. Also it ties in with the use of multiple photos Anita uses to make her photographs.

  4. This is a good example of how doing what;’s right for the client is more important than being totally original.

    A simple and rather elegant solution, although I think it works best in the negative form as the colours are more vibrant and less muddy.

    The right idea for the right client.

  5. I like the cover near the end but not a fan of the stationary and smaller text. It makes me dizzy and want to look away. Hey if the client digs it then all the power to them.

  6. I really like this colourful logo!! However, I think it would be even more stunning in black/dark & light grey.

    But it’s whatever the client wants!!

  7. I am surprised to see my professor’s work being shown as a feature on the website. She is very knowledgeable in the field of graphic arts, and I’m happy to have been one of her students.

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